Analog systems and digital systems.

Digital: digits (Digital) sound is coming from digital (Digital). Digital numbers means. It is computed by isolated. This topics computers and electronic devices that are used in the normal or usual number of binary information is converted binary numbers. Digital is a digital system that we understand the value of which is a separate information technology. Now you will understand when speaking with the analog. The system consists of continuous quality analog system. Until now I did not mean anything to you. Now let’s try a little bit. Just think of the difference analog and digital can understand easily.
Please remember that there is a pipe in your hand, which is associated with a call or tape. As a result, you have left the tape out of water pipes through the mouth. Now, the speed seems to have enough water, and the water pipe coming out constantly. As the water continues to be in continuous or analog systems. Now, once you close the open mouth. If you see one of the bars out of the water and did not come out again. And that’s the down or digital systems.
You understand what this example of digital and analog. To learn more about digital and analog, so try to come up. Build a wall there. Attributes which reveals the time. And watch your hands, which is a number that expresses the time. Now you can compare a bit. During the same clock. But there is a little problem with the time shown.
Digital watch show you a fraction of the time? Please remember that your hand has a digital clock. The clock is now 10 for 10 minutes 10 seconds. This have an analog clock on the wall at the same time. After a second hand digital watch 10 hours 10 minutes 11 seconds. Float no the middle period, but could not show a digital clock. But for the moment, the value of the analog clock. And after a certain time is equal to a digital system.