CES Include 2016 rooms in Technology

The world’s biggest technology exhibition was held at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas 016. Where Samsung, Intel, LG, HP, Asus, including the giant technology companies in the world have brought their hole discover. The four-day exhibition, held January 6-9 New Year technology companies around the world that they are overwhelmed by the discovery of new technologies, products and unthinkable.
Samsung 8-tech TV

Smart TV’s 8 South Korea-based technology giant Samsung added. The first day of the exhibition, the company has opened 8 Smart TV technology giant curved screens. This 98-inch TV screen with curved length.

Best Mobile Device Huawei Mate 8
Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas (CES) China-based smartphone maker Huawei obstacles Met 8 has earned the title of the best mobile devices. 6-inch QHD display, Huawei has created a smartphone processor hisilikana kirin 950 SOC. China’s markets will be available early next year, the flagship Huawei.
Virtual reality device called akulasa

Facebook social media virtual reality headset akulasera announcement comes in advance of receiving the purchase request from the exhibition. Buyers interested in purchasing the device from 6 January VR headset maker, has started taking pre-orders akulasa. VR headset on the second day of CES 2016, the company unveiled a controller.
Can be wrapped in a flexible screen OLED TV

LG 18-inch screen of the experimental television. But now they are planning to build 55-inch TV. This is a quality four-screen, that is four times higher than HD. Unveiled new technology, but “the best TV products, LG OLED No. 6 smartatibhiti received the award.
HP Thin Notebook

Elitabuka phalio G-1 model, the world’s most thin and lightweight notebook, HP has attracted the attention of visitors on the first day of the exhibition abumakta. Notebook body is made of aluminum. The phorake-resolution display is optional. It also has a USB port C systems and Intel Core M processor. The device can be opened up to 180 degrees. This notebook will hit the market in March this year. The price has been set at $ 999.
Samsung’s smartphone-controlled refrigerator
CES 2016 Product of the sensitive screen technology giant Samsung has released the refrigerator. The company has built a refrigerator door, a half-inch high-definition touchscreen smartphone 1. Smartphones like Android capacitive button below. The list of the dishes, reading news, listening to music and notes can be posted. Moreover, I see it has the advantage of voice input.

Iham were 184 drone ‘in the title aphabita’
Drones that fly in the sky, which is able to transport people. The drone operations do not need a driver. If iham of drone drone maker earned the title of best aphabita. This mini copter would be worth about two million dollars.
Robot Friend
Pepper anthropoid robot has already put on the shelves of many works. People with the robot do the same again display the robot. Robot hands with visitors when the exhibition milite intelligent use of automatic robot shaking hands all surprised. Pepper made ayaladebarana Robotics and Softbank of Japan.
The first USB display monitor C
USB Type C is used laptop and smartphone last year. Now it has spread beyond the smartphone monitor. The dharahikataya iusabi the first time Acer brings to market the C-type monitor. H-7 series monitor will be available in 5 and 7 inch sizes.
Controlled Bluetooth Smart Shoes
Different levels of wearable technology products like smart shoes. The company has dijitasola toes to keep warm. The user is able to step in the shoes controlled Bluetooth count. The price of $ 450 will be charged as smartasu mobile phones.
Nikon Action Camera
The exhibition opened in Las Vegas for the first time Nikon camera action. 360-degree video camera capable of bearing any action. “What is the mission of 360” has triggered a new camera. The camera, however, leaving the potential of the market, the price of any of the information or the media has not yet Nikon.