China is building the most Modern Super Computer

China is planning to build a new supercomputer, the Tianhe-1 supercomputer of today’s most familiar one thousand times more powerful than you. After two years of preparation, is expected at the end of the computer is the computer world give birth to a new generation. According to the online edition of the Indian news channel NDTV news from a report.

National Super Computer Center in Tianjin, China, 017, or 2018 will open in a new kind of computer. Such a computer is able to perform billions of calculations per second is called ‘Exascale’ computer. Meng Jinamphi said the head of information at the application center.
Exascale future supercomputer and powerful computer system is being called one of the biggest in the history of computer engineering is considered a success.
010 Tianhe-1 is recognized as the world’s fastest computer. Tianhe-2 took the throne in 2013, he is still the world’s most used Tianhe-1 supercomputer.
Super computer contemporary computer scientists have taken a variety of applications as a new challenge. The Meng said, oil exploration data management, animation and video effects, such as the creation of biomedical data processing and high-capacity work can be completed successfully by the Tianhe-1, so the performance is increasing day by day.
The computer Tianhe-1 a day and nearly one thousand 400 major works completed delivery of nearly one thousand users.