Departing Smart TV Skype

Smart TV is going to shut down their services to Microsoft-owned Skype video calling app.

According to the company, customers, large screen video calls, smart TV, mobile phone or tab to override more comfortable. And this is why they are taking such steps. In this context Skype’s support page called “We want to make sure that we deliver the best experience possible to users on demand platforms the importance of giving answers, and this is why we have the basic functions of Skype for TV as long as possible to continue to support our efforts to focus on other cases decided to increase. “
This service will be launched in June this year, the BBC said. The Smart TV manufacturers are wholly this service will depend on whether or not to keep. They want to do away with it, if it is not supported will leave the service on their device.
Intense competition in the sector is being fought with Skype video calling app. Phones and tablets to increase their attention at a time when the company decided.
Facebook Messenger is currently on the market, and Apple’s popular phase time. In addition, the Chinese smartphone maker Siyaomi their own video calling service has launched a video call, Mr.
From June this year, and not only to their own Smart TV, Skype announced the South Korean electronics maker Samsung products.