Eagle drones to prevent?

Drone technology available in the developed countries has led to the unnecessary trouble immediately. The private sector, including drone aircraft landing due to a disturbance is behind the authorities concerned.
Dutch police have chosen to do so because of a new system. The eagle has decided to deal with the problem with the drone. The US media reported on CNN.

According to the report, “guard from above, a Dutch company called ringleader of the plan. Their plan is available in Europe, birds of prey, bald head through eagle keep away unwanted drones.
The company’s co-founder Ben de keijara, “said one of the two features is its speed and strength of a bird hunter. There are a lot of sophisticated methods can be used to solve problems naive. ”
Before that, only the month of October last year, Dutch police had identified more than a hundred drones, flying dangerously through the main airport in the neighborhood.
At the beginning of the drone with tracking technology to handle a lot of thought, but comparatively cost-effective and successful solution through the eagle seems to be more of a chance of being a guard from above
Environmentalists, however, this method can see some errors. Propeller-driven drones to seize the risk of going from hunter eagle.
However, the Dutch police, the judge everything they want to examine a few more months.