Heroes of 71: Become a Fighter, too

Imagine the shock of the 1971 war. Unlimited pain and sacrifice of those days seems to think so, too, do not jump into the later part of the fight to defend the country. However, now that the war could not directly participate in the game can be enjoyed in those days.
Was built in memory of the hero of the liberation war of Bangladesh’s Independence Day on 16 December, based on the background of the game “Heroes of 71” game maker Portablisa Games has released the native application. A group of students of Dhaka University and Bangladesh University of Engineering have created a “71 Heroes of the name of the game for Android. Liberation War Games since the first Games in Portablisa manufacturers.

Since 1971. It was 15 September. The night 15 minutes to two hours. 9 Sector under the War saniracara village in Barisal. Each of the five commandos covered in black ink. One of the two light machine guns, heavy machine guns and one hand, and the other two are standard issue rifle.
Beltei three grenades each. Kabir, Badi, Sajal, Tapas Shamshu forces and other specific call sign for one of five names, but the mission is called. Shamshu commando leader, his name is the name of the elders Shamshu forces.
The Pakistan Army officer Shamsul Alam, general labor Kabir Miah, Tapas federal medical student, university student Sajal Chowdhury alias Mahbub, East Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology Mechanical Engineering student Soundings alias Badi.
The Pakistani army camp near a school in the Sanipur village of Madhumati will take possession of them. Barisal is clear that the path to freedom penitreta. As a result ‘Shamshu forces’ is called.
Victory Day is officially open to the early hours of the war game is designed for Android operating system. The game is already quite a craze among users of Android smartphones.
There are 16 difficult levels on this 84 megabytes game. Three distinct roles can be a fearless fighter gamer. This time, gamer will use the weapons and skills to protect the camp.
The game is free to download Address: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.portbliss.ho71