Microsoft’s cyber-attack alert

Microsoft's cyber-attack alert

Software giant Microsoft has warned of growing cyber attack prevention. The organization of any government or government-backed hackers trying to hack into Outlook data other customer users will be warned if you have doubts about them. Recently the company announced the new measures.
According to Microsoft, a significant increase in both the number of cyber attacks and approaches.
We are now the main suspect behind the attacks notification will go out, we think that the government supported the attack. ”
Also said, “If the evidence in our hands, we will inform you that the attack may be supported. Because of the cyber criminals to attack the cyber-attacks can be complex and long-term. ”
011 was a victim of hackers in China, China controls Tibet and the human rights activists Hotmail account leading figures of the community. The e-mail service, now known as Microsoft Outlook.
It was not possible to identify the perpetrators of cyber-attacks as a service Microsoft and the US government said. In the context of cyber-attacks on China’s Hotmail users, Microsoft said in a statement claimed the attack was run from a specific country, and to identify key member of the company or the US government has neither.
Since 01 of the victims of such attacks has warned internet giant Google practices. Gradually, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter has followed the same path as the means of social communication.