Quantum Computers

Physics of quantum mechanics, quantum computer is based on the particular computer. Absolute temperature [0 K] are the special feature of the substance, use the features of the quantum computer is made. The behavior of atomic scale particles do not match with our known physics. For example, if an object is from the top down to the bottom, but not the atomic scale. Something strange behavior. Atomic scale particles / objects in the physics of quantum mechanics is the branch of science.

The computer is usually a bit of 0 or 1. But the special computer, a quantum computer is the bit 0 or 1 or 0 and 1 at the same time can be. The system is a bit of a new type of quantum bits, or QuBit. This system is very powerful. It takes a number of 8-bit computer to save [from any of a number 0-256. ].
But QuBit can save all numbers from 0 to 56. For example:
10 cubits can save 1024 numbers.
11 cubits can save 2048 numbers.
12 cubits can save 4096 numbers. That is double the number of a previous cubits behalf to save. 1267650600228229401496703205376 digits that can save only 100 cubits [one nonillion, 267 octillion, 650 septillion, 600 sextillion, 228 quintillion, 229 quadrillion, 401 trillion, 496 billion, 703 million, 205 thousand, 376 digits]. It takes a number of common 8-bit computer where to save. Only 1 out of 100 bit number can be saved.

The place is a lot of data to work with, a lot of the processes that are running, there are a lot of slow computer. There can be done much faster with quantum computer
The problem is that quantum computers are common in the environment does not work. The computer based on quantum mechanics. When the atoms are fixed, then they are a powerful feature of quantum mechanics. One way to be able to position it in two places. The origin of these features without the use of computer quantum. It works the absolute temperature. A temperature of -273.15 degrees Celsius or nearby.

When the atoms are completely fixed. And the fridge is enough to make such expensive. And it does not stop and people, has made. D-Wave Systems has created a lab. Google and NASA is now the Google Quantum A.I. The Artificial Intelligence Lab, and continues to work with the quantum computer.
Theory seemed to know how to read these things. It was great to be able to see. When I see, when I can work, I’m thinking