Seven ways to get rid of them hacking hackers

Hacking seems lately to have become quite so easy . Nowadays, all online accounts, so there is less risk of hacking. The problem is, only those who can tell a good way to escape from the hands of hackers. Given the recent hacking to escape CNN has published seven valuable advice. Since the  advice given, so it is claimed that the media will be following you safe online.

Your phone’s Wi-Fi
All the time the phone will not turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Finding these opportunities is  hackers. If the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in the phone’s unfamiliar ones, and tried to see it.
If turned on all the time, what is the problem? The problem is, some networks before a hacker can find what you were active. Accordingly, the network hackers before setting the trap of cheating. Create a new network before the network hackers disguise your phone a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network previous promise to add. Once, when a hacker infiltrated the network of malware into the phone and steal data from the phone without your knowledge, tasks such as surveillance continued. So when there is no need, then turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
Using a two-layer security
Now, with just a password should not be considered safe. Almost always turns out to be hack the password.
Two-step authentication or use a two-level security. Two levels of security are now many websites or services. This two-level verification process, as well as the user’s account password to log in during the regular smartphone and a code to use another tab. It is an additional level of security. So long as there is mobile phone in hand, until no one could enter the account is confirmed. Apple, Google, Facebook, Dropbox service such as this verification process has two stages. Whenever a new device to log in to go after a secret code will be asked for the password. It will instantly on your phone. If the hacker knows your password, but does not know the code to your mobile phone will not be able to hack the accounts.

Smart Password
The account contains sensitive information or websites, they use long and complex passwords. Letters, symbols, numbers, etc. Make it easy to match the password. Use a different password for each website and Use Password Manager to remember passwords. In this case, “lasapasa ‘or’ Password Safe ‘might work. Change your password at least once every year.
Use HTTPS time browsing each website. To use ‘ tool you can use. This tool encrypts all the information your browser. If you use HTTP address bar only, but anyone can monitor your Internet browsing on.
Wi-Fi setup
Wi-Fi setup the password. Do not use the default password. Security Encryption W PA II during the election day. Most of the wired router Privacy  or Wireless Protected Access is the default form. The encryption exclude any cost.

Wi-Fi can not hide
When you are asked for your home router settings, “the  hide?” If you have to hide your Wi-phaike ‘yes’ to select the mobile phone or laptop on your home network to actively scans. Connect your device to the network all the time, but continues to scan. In this context, a project of the United States government secret Wi-Fi hacker Ben Smith, said: “From a security point of SSD technology to hide, you surrender yourself to the five-year-old.”
The advantages of the Internet to buy products at short notice
Internet facilities for the purchase of many new products come on the market jumped. Internet technology to bring new products to market for the benefit of the privacy and security so that it is not carried out hastily. ‘Styanaslabha’ hackers, “said the product is safe to say that the Internet is used for convenience, but actually it is not. Therefore, the advantages of the new products on the
internet is not safe, it should be bought at. ”