Unmanned drones will transport people

Drones that fly in the sky, which is able to transport people. However, there is no need for any driver to operate the drone. The biggest technology events of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in 016 drone that has been shown maker. Built the company on board, specific destination when mini couture drone would take him safely.
One passenger seat like a helicopter drones after reaching the destination to be set. The two-drone flight and landing passenger control with two buttons. All the rest will control the drone’s own software.
Four of the eight propeller used to arm the drones are not yet ready for widespread use. Using drones to people whether or not able to travel with the rest of the public is still allowed. However, the manufacturers said they are working with government agencies with the technology.
will fly like helicopters and drone landing, the runway will not need any reason. It can fly at a speed of 6 miles per hour. 11.480 feet above the drone able to get a one-time charge of battery will be able to fly up to 3 minutes.
This too is a form of drone. Although 18 feet in length, it can be folded down to 5 feet. As a result, it can be easily spate parking lots.
This mini co capture would be worth about two million dollars. In many countries, however, it may not be flying in the sky legitimacy.