What is cloud computing? Learn more about Cloud computing

My whole belief somewhere that you heard about cloud computing. I remember hearing about cloud computing, but of course you have accumulated a lot of questions. In fact, it may be wise or computer clouds, and how? Why should I use Cloud Computing? Etc. Let me know everything’s in one breath.

The reason for why it’s named Cloud computing:

On hearing the name of the question might arise that why the name was the same. Some think that there is no need to look at or above the clouds in the sky, there is no computer. Clear sky, and the rain has become a possibility, and not to any computer and not wait around in the sky to the ground when the computer will be opened, and you will take home. Cloud Why was the name of this computer? If you think of the structure of the cloud to cloud, then we know that the cause of the water molecules are combined. And when it rains from the clouds, and it is expanding around. After the rain, but do not specify a place. The cloud changed its position, and rain is everywhere. Now the formation of the cloud and the cloud computer, and a lot of work, and almost the same. See cloud computer incorporating thousands of computers are made. And it can be accessed from the earth wherever you wish. Your computer is not on the table that you can use it only to a certain place. This technology is based on the concept of the soil agents Cloud computing has been named. Now’s the perfect way to some practical examples of cloud computing let’s try to clear.
Cloud computing’s real example

Please remember that there is a computer in your home. And you’ve been on your computer with all types of normal operations, such as some files you create or store any data that you need to take a high standard of work as you want to play games or video, or a lot of data to render Store wants to do. So this works but you can’t comfortably with a normal computer. And if you want to upgrade your computer to be done, and it could cost a lot of money. But how about if I tell? It was too high to very low-cost computer rental. And so you can do all of the advantages of the high quality of the computing devices from your computer or any computer can control the hired.
Yes friends, this is cloud computing. This is a virtual computer. Parts of the computer, but you will not see it from anywhere and from any computing devices that can be used as a remote control. Where you will be able to do the configuration work and all you can connect to the Internet via high standard. You can save thousands of data. And all things which can have a computer at your desk while you are out. You just need a good internet connection to full speed.
Many people think that the only data stored in the cloud computing. One such drive, Google Drive, or we drop box to store the data. In fact, cloud computing is not the only thing that saved data are a real computer, as it can be used. And as you will be able to configure.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

I worked for a company, one of the officers. They are also a variety of data and use it later. Now, if the company tries to manually set up the company to a specific server. It costs a lot to go after. But if the company is a cloud from the cloud computer rental company, he will be able to easily store all the data. And they will also be able to use the software works. And it will cost less. There’s another issue here. Cloud computing is the desire to apagresana. Please remember that the company had increased more than 500 officers. The work than ever before and can be increased and more space to store more data will be needed. Actually, the way the computer will need it more than you want to or need to upgrade your system. But in the case of cloud computing can be done easily. Here you will be able grow as the RAM or CPU CORE or STORAGE.

What are the benefits of cloud computing, then we could see?

  • Cloud computing services can be obtained from anywhere in the world.
  • Cloud computing can be done through the many high standard. And all the necessary software can be used to buy with the money that maybe you could have been different.
  • Data can be saved together. The data will not be lost or damaged, and never will be. Cloud Computing Data Center has a lot of company. You do not have to worry about your data so that criteria.
  • The need to be upgraded.
  • Cloud computing services are much lower compared to the cost of construction. You can purchase this service on different terms to suit your needs. 1 month or 6 months or 1 year, or it could be a lifetime.
  • Almost all types of computing devices can be controlled by a cloud computing service. Suppose you have a project with your home computer via cloud computing was, and then you go to the office on the street is that you can do from your tablet or phone. Arriving at the office and the office of the computer you connect to cloud computing that can work at the office.


I hope that cloud computing is, how it can be used and use of the facilities of your mind by now have been able to answer all the questions. Having your computer to a high standard of quality work is required. You’ll need only a good Internet connection and you can do all kinds of your cloud computing.
Thanks for being with us.