Wherever in the world you get a “free-wifi …!

Wherever in the world you get a “free-wife …!
” “Outer net” The name is unknown to everyone, but in a few days this will be named will be  lips. Are you surprised? Free WiFi and that any part of the world. How is that possible?
Well, maybe not included in the name of science books is impossible. Be sure at least.
Before going to the point a little story stayed
How? Take a trip with friends and went to the Suburbans. Suddenly found that there was “Uncle Dam” in the interest of the DSLR cameras took his picture. I forgot to bring the modem back to the camp and found on a laptop, this time? This mummy picture will be uploaded to Facebook, then what?
Just Chill No worry, there is ” Outer net,” If it is not in WiFi modem connections there.
” Outer net,” How does it work? –

This is a device that lets you connect directly to satellite Internet service. No matter whether you are part of the world. Outer net, keep the diameter of the Internet and not a dealer.
It’s basically “The modem + router” Advanced Edition can automatically connect to a satellite. Interestingly, it does not need to run any of the charges using it on your mobile and you can take charge.? Because solar panels are fitted on the device, which will be charged to your mobile phone easily.
Outer net connections currently available in many European countries. Explorers think that if they can arrange an adequate amount of funds since the 015 Free Wi-Fi Internet service will be able to hole over the world. Each a ” Outer net,” Users every day until max 00 MB of free data usage is always
Outer net, authorities said, they so start-up capital of the company is limited. However, the more money they are going to try to can be collected.
Once adequate funding when the whole world as well, even several times greater than it is now and will be with 4G speed data access.
In fact, after learning the news personally excited too. I hope the Least Developed rapidly in our country will come to their activities. Better aspect of the project, as currently their attention to the country. Because Asia is relatively Least and the availability of the Internet.