Simple way to use Android Developer Tools (ADT)

Simple way to use Android Developer Tools (ADT)
Installation: First we have to know what software we need to install or download to use ADT. We can download ADT easily, but one problem. This service was provided by Google before. They upload it as a package what Eclipse was need for Android. They had been stopped the service after when Android Studio was come. That means we have to do it manually. For that reason, the ADT what you will be got, all are backdated. So here we will show you how to use backdated ADT. For that you have to download ADT Bundle.
Here is the link to download the last version of ADT Bundle:

One thing you have to know here, when you completed the download of the ADT Bundle, it will not work if you are using the latest version of JDK, such as JDK 7 or JDK 8. Because it was the old version of ADT. So, we have to use the JDK version what was used before, such as JDK 6 or JDK 5.
Here is the link to download JDK 6:

After completing the download, install it.
When the installation of JDK will be finished, extract ADT Bundle. After extracting it open Eclipse from Eclipse Folder.
This installation will help you for the problem of this:

Note: I wish you can install JDK and hope it will help you to use ADT.
Thank you.

Android Smart Backup

Android Smart Backup

IOS or Windows-powered smartphone OS market, Android OS powered smartphone,
but more than most users would prefer.
Where all the necessary information is stored, text messages, contacts and other important data. However, any unexpected accident may lose all the information stored on the smartphone.

Data loss yaoya harsh but true. For a long time using the Android OS powered smartphone. If so, then your smartphone is stolen or used by the data stored on the phone are deleted forever! Sanka who has seen all smartphone users.
text messages, contacts and other important data, including the necessary backup of all information stored on the smartphone is stored in the form.
Back up all data stored on the smartphone in the form of several methods to preserve.
Smartphone SD card backup

Android OS-powered smartphone a lot of important information is stored on internal memory or SD card. However, any phone with a data loss is no loss of information, so the smartphone SD card can be the primary backup to the PC.
The Android device must be connected to the PC by USB cable. Smartphone USB connection option and press to appear in three separate options.
USB Mass Storage option by pressing the OK to pay. Eparyaye PC drives will be available in the form of an SD card.

Right-click on the drive and press the Copy button, the selected area can be preserved.

Thus, if the card is regularly updated every few days, all the information will be stored securely. Online Backup to protect the SD card also has the app “Google Drive”.
Free Download Address: N

Backup text messages
All text messages or smartphone can be used to preserve the security of emaemaesaera “SMS Backup and Restore” the little apps. Save all messages in a single e-mail account will be able to instantly smartphone apps.
The backup file is stored in XML format, as well as the computer, edit or delete can be read. There is also a periodically updated ayapasatite automatic update system instead.
The size of 1.5 MB download free apps Address:

Saved contacts backup
All smartphone contacts saved in the form of numbers and other information can be stored safely backed up.
The apps can be effective, “lagas up call.”

Version 3.3 of the smartphone app stores all contacts name, number, email, or can be stored in the form of Bissau record list.
When the call came from, or any number of smartphones, as well as being a call to save all information in a related apps.
The backup data can be stored online or on a smartphone SD card.

Download free apps Address:

8 Tips To Protect Android Devices

Many are concerned about the security of Android devices. Different types of malware, viruses, or other harmful elements like the Android’s security is under threat. To protect your Android smartphone or tablet PC is 8 tips highlighted in this article.
Screen Lock use
The first task will be to protect Android, which hold the lock screen. Various types of pattern, PIN or password lock screen can be operated using.
You can activate it from Android’s security settings.

Be encrypted
Android has a chance to encrypt the device address.
To decrypt the data to continue to Android is to provide a new PIN or password.
As a result, Android device for any reason, even if the information will be safe in the hands of someone else.
Security settings can be used to turn on this feature.

Device Manager to keep going
Android Device Manager is the biggest advantage of GPS tracking to find the phone is lost, but the phone’s location on Google Maps shows.
If required, the phone can play ringtones full volume for 5 minutes, and the phone can delete all the data. Device Administrator Security Settings under Settings to activate it.

SD card to keep sensitive information
Android phone or tablet PC to keep the sensitive information is never stored on the SD card do not. Retrieve information from the SD card can be easily removed. Save all the information is so important built-in storage.

Not without a reliable source apps
All the diverse functions of the Android apps.
But it is not wise to install apps from the App Store.
Do not install any apps without reliable App Store. Third-party apps through the spread of malware or spyware is done.

Keep locked apps
Keep it locked to ensure the protection of Android ayapasagulokeo used.
Most ayapasei’re going to have to use a separate PIN or password. Please turn on it.

Keep updated software
Most of the security software last sanskaranaguloi ahead.
Therefore, there is always ahead of its own software updates gugalara.
Therefore, the operating system and all other types of apps to keep updated.
Stay updated with all necessary security patches downloaded.
Device settings ‘About device’ can be found in the menu system update option.

Heroes of 71: Become a Fighter, too

Imagine the shock of the 1971 war. Unlimited pain and sacrifice of those days seems to think so, too, do not jump into the later part of the fight to defend the country. However, now that the war could not directly participate in the game can be enjoyed in those days.
Was built in memory of the hero of the liberation war of Bangladesh’s Independence Day on 16 December, based on the background of the game “Heroes of 71” game maker Portablisa Games has released the native application. A group of students of Dhaka University and Bangladesh University of Engineering have created a “71 Heroes of the name of the game for Android. Liberation War Games since the first Games in Portablisa manufacturers.

Since 1971. It was 15 September. The night 15 minutes to two hours. 9 Sector under the War saniracara village in Barisal. Each of the five commandos covered in black ink. One of the two light machine guns, heavy machine guns and one hand, and the other two are standard issue rifle.
Beltei three grenades each. Kabir, Badi, Sajal, Tapas Shamshu forces and other specific call sign for one of five names, but the mission is called. Shamshu commando leader, his name is the name of the elders Shamshu forces.
The Pakistan Army officer Shamsul Alam, general labor Kabir Miah, Tapas federal medical student, university student Sajal Chowdhury alias Mahbub, East Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology Mechanical Engineering student Soundings alias Badi.
The Pakistani army camp near a school in the Sanipur village of Madhumati will take possession of them. Barisal is clear that the path to freedom penitreta. As a result ‘Shamshu forces’ is called.
Victory Day is officially open to the early hours of the war game is designed for Android operating system. The game is already quite a craze among users of Android smartphones.
There are 16 difficult levels on this 84 megabytes game. Three distinct roles can be a fearless fighter gamer. This time, gamer will use the weapons and skills to protect the camp.
The game is free to download Address:

Make your Android Device fast with the help of a small Software

This app will help keep your phone clean and fast in comparison to the previous high. This is an extreme Boaster of RAM you can easily take your RAM Boston.
This question may come to your mind that how this app will fast your mobile?
1) It stops all for your phone’s unused and unnecessary app.
2) It catches to clean and clear the memory for some time.
3) It is also clean the unwanted task.
4) It always tracks your phone memory.
– RAM keeps increasing, and the mobile fast
– Keeps Memory cleaning
– Clear the cache
– Memory data
– Task Killer
– It’s completely free
I do not know whether anyone has been shared with you earlier about this app. But I’m the first to share. If you feel you need someone you can download.
Software Name: RAM Speed ​​Booster.Apk
You can download it from Google Play Store.

I hope everyone will like the Software. All will be well. Thanks.

Save your Favorite Smartphone Hackers from the 6 tips!

You must use a smartphone? Do you know what your favorite smartphone has a little bit of carelessness can be hacked and all your valuable personal information into the hands of unscrupulous people can be.

So that this situation does not get you to read and that’s why these tips today-
1. Keep up to date on all of the software used, when that update will come out with.
2. Please backup all the necessary information. For example, phone book, messages, gallery, and so on.
3. Do not download apps from anywhere o’clock today, we have a common problem is that many sites will offer a paid app free to you. Greed is something that is really difficult to handle. Stay away if you want a good, otherwise good test before you download it.
4. Tools password or use the Gallery app including all sensitive.
5. Use anti-virus software is good quality, free Avast it feels good to me and your too.
6. Before you can log in there own identity on the web, e-mail ID, Facebook, Twitter ID to log in before you can take a look at a well.
Overall, try to stay safe. Free Wi-Fi Connection also offers some locations, however, if you will see it and buy Secure.

How much need an Antivirus for Android

I have a lot of different things on their smartphone Android smartphone users to use antivirus or antimalware programs have seen. Others are using a smartphone more than one antivirus program, but I do not know why.
The users may be a little more aware of security issues. They indeed harmful to those who use, a large proportion of those who have never been in doubt to be called. For general users who are and those who are alert as they want to know a little less about technology at all as to whether the issue has been ambivalent. So sit down to write this article today.

I hope this article will have to answer many of their questions. So let’s, let’s start up the role of the original. Today our topic is, “How much do you need for Android antivirus or antimalware program?”
Android is basically a virus?
All devices with Android operating system is needed to determine if the antivirus program should first know about the Android viruses. Before that, we should know, about the virus.
If a virus is a malicious software, or malware program on our computer devices or other devices to try to interfere with normal activities. Basically have to work in a variety of different kinds of viruses. Some viruses can be used as second or second to grab the data to a device for damaged or malfunctions. Since the popularity of the Android platform is the most widely and most people are using the device with the operating system, so this is gradually being threatened on this platform too.
Tech sites or pages of the magazine about technology, sometimes we get news of Android malware, and this is all great news is a subject of this malware is quite clear and is being gradually strengthened.
Android malware on how to enter
The main goal of this malware, because almost all users of the Google Play Store using the media application on their smartphone use different kinds. However, there are a few steps in the Google Play Store Google Play Store application security measures, which can’t come through malware, but some harmful applications may bypass these security steps right down into the Google Play Store, but that kind of thing, but it is still quite small numbers.
Basically without harmful applications in the Google Play Store on the device as we do install third-party apps store. Also, the malware automatically through e-mail attachments, even MMS able to access your smartphone. The fake application, phishing scams, and I have a wide variety of epiketo.
How can lose?
First, I have done a variety of different kinds of malware. In some cases it is only the pop-up that can add variety to your smartphone, which is somewhat annoying but harmless. Other malware may take grab your credit card detail or other device applications that can be emitted. After a while, after which there are some malware from your smartphone by sending a text message or MMS to the damage that you may not notice if you do not have to be this way, once you have a huge amount of damage will be.
How do you know whether or not your device affected?
Interestingly, in most cases, you’ll realize that your smartphone has been affected with any type of malware. But yes, if your credit card associated with your smartphone and unnecessary costs to be credit to your account if you should be careful. Thinking, talking about this again! I do not even know if I have a good smartphone? Yes! And so on. For example, a hacker who is so stupid that will harm you, informing you.
Even if you are about to install an antivirus program, it will not be scanned without having too much of a good result. However, the relief, the big bad malware patches out quickly and getting FOTA if your smartphone or a regular OTA will be free of malware.
What are anti-virus applications?
Your smartphone scans detect and delete anything unusual or harmful program that helps so is antivirus program. If you search on Google store about antivirus program you can find out more than hundred.
An antivirus program, such as the computer works in exactly the same way Android is an anti-virus in the same operation. However, as the computer’s anti-virus smartphone antivirus are also behavioural considered harmful to detect automatically deleted after it deprived. You must do this manually or automatically.
What is the cost of anti-virus?
It depends largely on features. Every anti-virus programs are basically two variants – paid and free. Free version has features that work with them are basically the same features as the paid versions, only the core is associated with some additional features, such as – Remote Lock and Wipe, back-up options, ad blocking, and so on.
Do not install a security app do?
In short, there is no need! “Because, most of the works by malware applications after your smartphone is inffected, and you may be some damage. So, depending on the security applications that you use your common sense. Some 99 percent of the malware itself to take note of if you are able to escape, for example –
1. Google Play Store from the Download / Install.
2. Google Play Store reviews to see if there are malicious applications.
3. App permissions when installing an application on what they want to see, but if you have the permissions the app needs to be more than it is a harmful application.
4. Refrain from using third-party App Store.
5. Regularly update your smartphone.
That small enough that you will be protected following these alerts. Therefore, using additional antivirus application on a smartphone just what you need to fill up the mess? If still in doubt, however, you’ll note that an antivirus application installed, you can’t blame me if you later!
Last word – always being a true, hackers or thief will try their best to break the security, but maybe a little faster or later, they will not find their way. Later, in my opinion, is not worried about security is better to be careful from now on, is not it?

Android 5 bad side !!!!

Android 5 bad side !!!!

Android 5 bad side !!!!

Currently, the Android smartphone operating system in the world, saying it does not have to move. However, when the universe is almost nothing so perfect that Android is not perfect is normal. Android is so popular today is to write about the bad side 5. I always tell the good ones, not the opposite way bit. If you’re going to, let us know about the bad side of Android 5.

1. Constantly updated
You must have noticed compared to other operating systems is much more updated Android operating system. Say, the update means good! What is the problem? “There is a problem if you do not do what they brother! Write sadness! The problem is, when you have not noticed, the Android updates and many other applications are updated requirements that are required to install the latest version of Android! However, since our market is not only found in the flagship device, but we Symphony, Walton well as use a local device, then just think of how many devices are getting the latest version of Android? As a result, they are deprived of the many different kinds of devices cannot update from installing Application.
I do a calculation, then you can understand. As of May, only 9.7 percent of the 015 Android devices running lollipop (in Android 5.0 to Android 5.1 is only 9 percent and 0.7 percent), while 39.8 percent of Android devices version kit Kat and others. You will be surprised, 0.3 percent of devices running Android
2. Advertisement
You must use a variety of applications such as games or watch a variety of pop-up ads? Quite boring, is not it? In the middle of the game to see pop-up ads, I feel sad ! Yes, Android is the bad side of this issue.
3. Malware
No operating system is absolutely safe, but now hackers Android platform has become a key target. However, infection by malware application installed from Google Play Store is highly unlikely (0.1 per cent), but a lot of other apps store all dangerous. Since many users are using Google Play with a credit card for hackers to steal personal information and so on has become a growth area. Also, other data in the device, typically, is not it?
4. Bug stable release
I said before the operating system is not perfect, absolutely is not possible in this case. However, it is also true that a small update to fix bugs can be quickly isolated, mostly fixing bugs can cost you up to 10 MB of data. However, in all minor bugs.
However, since the Android world with billions of people getting services from the major bugs should be at least stable release, is not it?
For example, the word lollipop Android. In this version, RAM and battery leakage problems yet no solution has not been stable.
5. Privacy Issue
Google is providing us with a wide variety of services to our information collection. Great was any one thing, I do not remember the name but it was “Nothing is free” type, so much so that Google’s service will result in something that is normal! Without trading away? Therefore, a wide variety of locations, ranging from access to information collected by our knowledge of the fine collected by the company are unconsciously! We realize say?
5 This was the worst!! He did not say today about the battery issue! The issue has become a branch of rice, a few days to write the same thing?!

Mobile app or Android app before development.

Many mobile application development learn. Most of the Android Development. Not with the idea of ​​programming. A non-issue, as competition becomes not only learn to write poetry.

Programming is developed apps do not learn, you can learn. Raises another problem.
At one time it was as a mobile OS Symbian’s reign. After the iOS. He has lost all Android values. Android Market is now. Two days later may not be.
Now, if someone wants to learn programming without knowing about Android App Development, said. Apps can be made. You can publish. Income and can be beautiful. All of a sudden you come lost another operating system, then what will happen? The new operating system will have to learn new things. If you do not have to change a lot of things to learn programming platform that will be difficult. It will take a lot of time.
Again, the idea of ​​programming will be difficult because you do not understand a lot of things. How much time do I have to do a little thinking will go away. But that could be just a small line. If you had a better idea about programming.
If you like the idea of ​​programming platforms for mobile app development, then that is learned, it will be easy to learn. It will take less time. Everything can be easily understood. If you want to change the platform for a night on the platform to create applications for the platform read and heard enough to be removed.
Learning the basic needs. One time it will be easy to learn the basic complexes. Programming requires a good idea. The platforms that can be done that day. The scope of work will increase. Will be easier to work. Good luck, everyone