How to make yourself known to the board of the interview

Why do not you have a job intarbhiui first will be asked about your own. What we usually do in such cases? By means of an example. Tell me, do not coincide. “Umamamama … My name is Hassan Sharif. AAA … My father’s name is Mia Grace. We have five brothers. I Shaheed Nur Islam classes from school passed SSC 005 … uuu … I got married. The two sons of my house.
“What brother? This was during the interview or answer questions too. Companies in the world why you should not go to the interview, you will be the question. So, one can say it’s going to be kind to reveal the question. Rosanera priest “Dhoom II” everyone must have seen. But the priest in front of the interview board. The post will talk about the post-keeping application. But there are a lot of people will like you. Anyway, let’s go directly to the issue of how to answer.
Sales for the profession yebhabeh make yourself known, for example, you paraphrase. He applied for the position of a company’s sales representatives. If your answer is, “Sir, I Sami I am a student at the university,” corporate Ask “was the company’s brand ambassador.
How the student for career training them aware of the move would be. I have my bipartite “corporate ASK” This nearly 100 clients and have made only 3 months. Varsity Club, I was an active member of a tourist. There are 35 districts in my roundabout. I mingle with people, learn about their living like very much. I have very good sports. In college I was the captain of our football team. ”
The answer to why this way?
Look, you are Fraser. Your biggest challenge is to collect experience. In the case of a worker who wants to make employment rikruitara. Since you have applied for sales in the future, so you can prove that you are able to better sales. You are the best candidate. Please note, you are set on a line-by-line. You can “ask corporate” was the brand ambassador. You already know the meaning of work product promotions. You can also mix with people, because the company used in promotion. You brought 100 clients, that means you can meet the target. If you traveled to 35 districts. Sales Co-Curriculum Activities are very important profession, traveling. If you like sports, that means you’re working. If you were Captain. I mean, you have the ability to lead small teams to manage. You see it, is irrelevant whether or not a word. Remember, rikruitara looking for work, or marriage certificate is the name of the parent.
The genius of the company’s HR department or a human resources application karatenah
But he would have to answer the same question a little differently. For example, say that again, please note. “Sir, I’m Sammy, I am a student in my university” Corporate ask “was the brand ambassador of the company and their customers would have to handle. 100 customers on a regular basis to keep in touch with them, I would. Varsity Club member, I was a tourist. I used to manage a team made up of the club and the routine way. Fire Fighting training over the club from the university once made. I’ve been to in 35 districts of the country, negotiating with different people and their behavior, continue to adapt my very favorite.

I was captain of the football team while in college, and then suddenly one day, my two team members involved in disputes. I talk to them, I had to accommodate. I told them not to talk to one another about the offensive of the past, something like a good idea to talk about one another. They began to say to one another when good thing, but in fact it turned out that they had many good friends. I like the people and the people of bichitrata behaves like to work together with the major objective. ”
Note: You see change, the same people, the same in his life, but how to change the conversation.

People management straight from sales. Now, when this man was going to interview him for pradakasanera will present itself in different forms. What profession would you depend on your studies, results, co-curriculum on aktibhitijera.
The first job is very important in people’s lives. Foolish like “Give me a job, I’ll do that,” Do not say that. Decide After brooding over it. What do you like? How to build the life you want? No work feel comfortable. Build yourself from student life that way. Give yourself powerfully. You have been made. Your job will be crown. Do not ever think to yourself unlucky.
“Jobs are not without recommendation” from head to drop the idea. Remember, do not be left out of the diamond, he charabei brightness. Build yourself from the bright as the diamond today.
In the same way that the names of those who are employed, they will go directly to work. Any project where you have no work, where the team lead, which is to say in these words. Your identity will not just work. Above all, he was always confident. If you like to read the text ad.

Curriculum Vitae ( CV Template )

Curriculum Vitae

(NAME Your name)

Career Objective
Looking forward for a challenging position of a software engineering ,where i can proved My Potential with a logical approach & impart my knowledge and skills in computer technology and programming by taking part in programming software in a software farm.

Scholastic Records:
Master of Arts
Institution                               :
Discipline                                :
Result Obtained                      :
Passing Year                           :
Bachelor of Arts (Hons.)
Institution                               :
Discipline                                :
Result Obtained                      :
Passing Year                           :
Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C)
Institution                               :
Group                                      :
Result Obtained                      :
Board                                      :
Passing Year                           :
Secondary School Certificate(S.S.C)
Institution                               :
Group                                      :
Result Obtained                      :
Board                                      :
Passing Year                           :
Computer Literacy:
Operating System: Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8.
Application: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access.
Others: Internet Browsing, E-mail, Hardware assembling & Software installation.
Language Proficiency:

Fluent Communication Skill” on both speaking and writing in Bengali and English fluency is medium both speaking and writing.
Interpersonal Skill:

  • Able to make friend quickly
  • Able to get along with others
  • Able to take charge and lead groups
  • Able to motivate people in a positive way.

Personal Information:

Name                                         :
Father’s Name                         :
Mother’s Name                        :
Date of birth                             :
Permanent Address                :
Contact Address                      :
Religion                                    :
Nationality                               :
Marital Status                          :
Sex                                             :
Blood Group                            :
E-mail address                       :
Cell number                            :

Signature & Date

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Curriculum Vitae (CV) For Applying In A Company

Attached Photo



Your Name

Vill: , P.O; , Post code: ,

U.P: , Dis: .

Cell Phone:


Career objective:
       I would like to work in a company where I can learn some new ideologies and can apply my knowledge for the betterment of the institute and to develop myself with the time. I am also willing to apply my educational qualification to meet the challenges.

Name of Course                     :
Department                            :
University                               :
Name of Institution              :
Result                                      :
Course Duration                    :
Year of Passing                      :

Name of Course                     :
Department                            :
University                               :
Name of Institution              :
Result                                       :
Course Duration                    :
Year of Passing                       :

Group                                       :
Education Board                    :
Name Of Institution             :
Result                                      :
Year of Passing                      :

Group                                       :
Education Board                    :
Name Of Institution              :
Result                                      :
Year of Passing                      :

EXPERTISE (If you have any)
Computer Competency             :
Duration                                      :
Application                                  :
Browser                                       :
Communication                         :

Native                                         : Bengali.
2nd Language                            : English.


Name                                           :
Father’s Name                           :
Mother’s Name                         :
Permanent Address                 : Village : ,       Post-office : ,
Upazilla : ,         District: .
Date of Birth                            :
Sex                                             :
Blood Group                            :
Height                                       :
Weight                                       :
Marital Status                          :
Nationality                                :
Religion                                     :
Hobby                                        :

Easy going, Communicative, Compassionate to others, possesses the insight and the work force either to drive a team or be driven within one.

Your Reference Name                                                  ………………………………
………………………                                                            ………………………………
………………………                                                            ……………………………….
Cell Phone: ………………….                                           Cell Phone: …………………

I certify that all information stated in this resume is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I authorize to verify the information proved in this resume.


Standard curriculum vitae (CV)



C/O Md.

House: Merry Lodge, House No. 634, Sector No. 1, Uposhohor,

Post: Sopura – 6202, Police Station: Boalia

Rajshahi, Bangladesh



Personal Branding: If I am encouraged, I believe, anything rational can be made possible by me.


I want to take up a challenging job that encompasses very hard work and offers opportunities to learn and grow in any situation in any organization. And ultimately, I want to represent my Bangladesh to the world.

  Educational Records


Degree Group/Department Year GPA/CGPA Board/University

3.500 (so far) in the scale of 4

3.561 in the scale of 4

4.30 in the scale of 5

4.31 in the scale of 5

  Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Editor at Wikipedia
  • Organizer of ‘Management Studies Alumni Association Program – 2012’ (biggest program of University of Rajshahi with above BDT 4 million budget)
  • Convener of ‘1st Inter Department Debate Competition – 2011’ in University of Rajshahi for Business studies Faculty Debating Forum (BFDF) in association with Cambrian College
  • Program Coordinator of ‘Boishakh Uttshob – 1419’ (cultural function and concert) for Management Forum in association with Robi Axiata Ltd.
  • Ex-Chief Event Management Executive Member and Ex-Chief Media and Communication Executive Member, Business studies Faculty Debating Forum (BFDF)
  • Attended in ‘Jatiyo Bitorko Uttshob – 2010’ (national debate festival) by Dhaka University Debating Society (DUDS) program on behalf of BFDF
  • Entrepreneur Member of Management Forum
  • Co-convener of ‘Business Pioneer Hunt – 2010’ (business plan seminar & competition) under Management Forum
  • Organized ‘Carrier Planning Seminar 2009 & 2010’
  • Organized ‘National Debate Competition 2010’

  Computer Skills

Organized many departmental cultural programs (freshers’ orientation, success celebration programs,  rallies etc.
  • Have good knowledge about internet using
  • Have initial knowledge on Adobe Photoshop ,illustrator etc

  Seminars and Workshops

  • Workshop on Project Management
  • Workshop on Debate and Presentation (BFDF – BDF)
  • Carrier Planning Seminar (BFDF – Bdjobs)
  • Seminar on Business Plan (Management Forum)
  • Workshop on Research Methodology and Report Writing

  Working Experience in Different Fields

  Personal Skills
  • Excellent communication skill (passionate about it; specially maintaining relations with people and organizations)
  • Effective negotiation power
  • Able to debate (both in English and Bangla) and have very good presentation capability
  • Good ability in speaking, reading, writing & listening both Bengali & English language
  • Very good ability to work in a team
  • Excellent capacity to handle and adapt in a situation

  Other Skills

Effective business article writing capacity
  • Excellent capacity to write documents with 99% error free assurance
  • Able to write very standard cover letters (in freelancing), project proposals for sponsorship (approved in 5 organizations at different times) and attractive profiles of organizations
  • Prepared a constitution in English for Management Forum (departmental organization)
Name :xxxxx
Father’s Name :xxxxx
Mother’s Name :xxxxx
Mailing Address
: E-mail:
: Mobile:
Date of Birth :DDMMYY
Nationality :BANGLADESHI
Marital Status :Unmarried
Religion : Islam


 Personal Information


Application for the post of Lecturer

December 27, 2009

xxxxxxxx Model College
Sector 6, xxxxx Model Town,
xxxxxxx, Dhaka 1000

Subject: Application for the post of Lecturer, Home Economics

Dear Sir,

Reference to your advisement in the daily news Prothom Alo dated December 6, 2009 that one Lecturer is likely to be hired in your College, which attracted my attention because I believe that I have the “quality and experience” that you are looking for.

I have completed my Master of Science in Food and Nutrition from Department of Home Economics College and secured First Class. Though now I am employed in one of the leading Institute and I am also seeking for a job that would widen my knowledge and at the same time improves my future career.

I therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to consider me an interview card to prove my teaching professionalism and subject knowledge and thereby oblige.
You can reach me at 01716-111111.


  1. Bank Draft
  2. Three Photograph
  3. Resume