Capacitor Capacitance of the code written on the way out

We are people who think they know it for sure that dwelling on the regular circuit electronics Ceramic capacitor values ​​are not always the same way, at any time and any time value is code. If you need to know its value at the time was a lot of code, and sometimes you may need to know the codes and to facilitate the work. Let’s take a look at how we can easily find ceramic capacitor value:
If the value of the code, we’ll find what ??? :
Suppose we are writing on a capacitor 104. The 104 is the code of the capacitor. Now we need to know how much of this value? The following procedure will be very easy to get the value. → 104 last four hours instead of the number 4 4 0 (zero) will be put. 0 100000 was putting the four 100000pf. 1000000 to share it with you. And found that 0.1 percent of the value 0.1μf.
(104 = 100000 pf / 1000000 = 0.1μf)
Similarly, 105 = 1000000pf / 1000000 = 1μf
Value to code (capacitor value has been, for some reason, we need to know the code):
I think there is a capacitor value .01μf. Now you need to find the value of the code. The following steps will be killed by easily getting value from the code.
→ Our first job of any value convert to a pf. This approach has been followed down. Now, from 0.01 uf should be multiplied by the code 1000000 to find out who .01μf. Uf at the pf to convert from. 10000 and is found by multiplying 10000pf. After that, with the exception of the first three digits 0 (zero), and the 0 (zero) 3. Remove the three will be put. That was down 3 103 103. (.01μf = .01 × 1000000 = 10000pf = 103) Similarly at the top of the following two methods
Out values ​​were:
22nf convert to a pf here before and there has been extracted from the code. 22nf = 22 × 1000 = 22000pf = 223 (code) 100nf = 100 × 1000 = 100000pf = 104 (code).
Now let’s see the picture above. Various types of ceramic capacitor has been top of the picture. The photo below on the left side of a capacitor K is written on 10 June. Here is the letter K capacitor tolerance. Below is a letter that stands for tolerance and see how many come:
Letter = Tolerance B = ± 0.1 pF
C = ± 0.25 pF
D = ± 0.5 pF
F = ± 1%
G = ± 2%
J = ± 5%
K = ± 10%
M = ± 20%
Z = + 80%, -20%
Generally, we understand that a capacitor with a capacitor tolerance kyapasitensa bhyari how far can the highest and lowest. The image above is an example of the 1000 pf capacitor value and tolerance are the (+ -) 10%, and we have seen that the tolerance of the capacitor kyapasitensa pariye bhyari up to 1010 pf to 990 pf.
I hope everyone has some ideas about the value ceramic capacitor code.

Simple fire alarm circuits Project

Fire alarms are now being used in all the major facilities. Data server, offices, banks and even residences.
Before the smoke, the fire alarm in the sense that they may be introduced around the careful can take the necessary action. However, the fire pump is connected to the sensor so that the fire can be controlled with water at certain times in certain places.
It’s not only save resources, protect the die in many cases.
Simple today, which we will create a fire alarm or thermal resistor thethermistors and IC 555 NE E [NE555E] or taiiri with 555 timer IC. It comes with thermistors by comparing the temperature can play an alarm.
Parts of the original circuit thermistors. Thermistors resistor is a temperature sensitive. Resistencia baraya or decrease based on the heat.
Estebala mode timers will be set to 555, so he would sound like an alarm tone.
We are the 1 [R1], or we can change the sound, rather than the value of the variable whose value can not be used to canvass risistara or 1 kilo ohm.
Which will,
1. 555 Timer IC
2. NPN Transistor BC547
3. Thermistor (10K)
4. Resistors (1K, 100K, 4.7K)
5. Variable resistor (1M)
6. Capacitor (10uF)
7. Buzzer and Battery (9v)
You see diagram above. When there is resistance when there is no fire to aromatherapist
TaramasalataWho will be the heat, the resistance will decrease, and eventually decline when the voltage is reduced so that the operating voltage transistor  area transistor  closed down. And when it goes off when the reset pin, and 555 volts positive with R3 and  noise is introduced.
We will use variable sensitivities control.
Again, we can make DR25 germanium diode with a heat sensor. Germanium diode is reverse connect the DR25, when lots of reverse resistance temperatures up to 70 degrees, and it is only by the conduct.
10000 kilo ohm or 10 ohm. He remains on the tranjistara because there is not enough voltage nightshade, and it will be reset pin nightshade charge. When the IC 555 will not work.