CES Include 2016 rooms in Technology

The world’s biggest technology exhibition was held at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas 016. Where Samsung, Intel, LG, HP, Asus, including the giant technology companies in the world have brought their hole discover. The four-day exhibition, held January 6-9 New Year technology companies around the world that they are overwhelmed by the discovery of new technologies, products and unthinkable.
Samsung 8-tech TV

Smart TV’s 8 South Korea-based technology giant Samsung added. The first day of the exhibition, the company has opened 8 Smart TV technology giant curved screens. This 98-inch TV screen with curved length.

Best Mobile Device Huawei Mate 8
Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas (CES) China-based smartphone maker Huawei obstacles Met 8 has earned the title of the best mobile devices. 6-inch QHD display, Huawei has created a smartphone processor hisilikana kirin 950 SOC. China’s markets will be available early next year, the flagship Huawei.
Virtual reality device called akulasa

Facebook social media virtual reality headset akulasera announcement comes in advance of receiving the purchase request from the exhibition. Buyers interested in purchasing the device from 6 January VR headset maker, has started taking pre-orders akulasa. VR headset on the second day of CES 2016, the company unveiled a controller.
Can be wrapped in a flexible screen OLED TV

LG 18-inch screen of the experimental television. But now they are planning to build 55-inch TV. This is a quality four-screen, that is four times higher than HD. Unveiled new technology, but “the best TV products, LG OLED No. 6 smartatibhiti received the award.
HP Thin Notebook

Elitabuka phalio G-1 model, the world’s most thin and lightweight notebook, HP has attracted the attention of visitors on the first day of the exhibition abumakta. Notebook body is made of aluminum. The phorake-resolution display is optional. It also has a USB port C systems and Intel Core M processor. The device can be opened up to 180 degrees. This notebook will hit the market in March this year. The price has been set at $ 999.
Samsung’s smartphone-controlled refrigerator
CES 2016 Product of the sensitive screen technology giant Samsung has released the refrigerator. The company has built a refrigerator door, a half-inch high-definition touchscreen smartphone 1. Smartphones like Android capacitive button below. The list of the dishes, reading news, listening to music and notes can be posted. Moreover, I see it has the advantage of voice input.

Iham were 184 drone ‘in the title aphabita’
Drones that fly in the sky, which is able to transport people. The drone operations do not need a driver. If iham of drone drone maker earned the title of best aphabita. This mini copter would be worth about two million dollars.
Robot Friend
Pepper anthropoid robot has already put on the shelves of many works. People with the robot do the same again display the robot. Robot hands with visitors when the exhibition milite intelligent use of automatic robot shaking hands all surprised. Pepper made ayaladebarana Robotics and Softbank of Japan.
The first USB display monitor C
USB Type C is used laptop and smartphone last year. Now it has spread beyond the smartphone monitor. The dharahikataya iusabi the first time Acer brings to market the C-type monitor. H-7 series monitor will be available in 5 and 7 inch sizes.
Controlled Bluetooth Smart Shoes
Different levels of wearable technology products like smart shoes. The company has dijitasola toes to keep warm. The user is able to step in the shoes controlled Bluetooth count. The price of $ 450 will be charged as smartasu mobile phones.
Nikon Action Camera
The exhibition opened in Las Vegas for the first time Nikon camera action. 360-degree video camera capable of bearing any action. “What is the mission of 360” has triggered a new camera. The camera, however, leaving the potential of the market, the price of any of the information or the media has not yet Nikon.

Unmanned drones will transport people

Drones that fly in the sky, which is able to transport people. However, there is no need for any driver to operate the drone. The biggest technology events of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in 016 drone that has been shown maker. Built the company on board, specific destination when mini couture drone would take him safely.
One passenger seat like a helicopter drones after reaching the destination to be set. The two-drone flight and landing passenger control with two buttons. All the rest will control the drone’s own software.
Four of the eight propeller used to arm the drones are not yet ready for widespread use. Using drones to people whether or not able to travel with the rest of the public is still allowed. However, the manufacturers said they are working with government agencies with the technology.
will fly like helicopters and drone landing, the runway will not need any reason. It can fly at a speed of 6 miles per hour. 11.480 feet above the drone able to get a one-time charge of battery will be able to fly up to 3 minutes.
This too is a form of drone. Although 18 feet in length, it can be folded down to 5 feet. As a result, it can be easily spate parking lots.
This mini co capture would be worth about two million dollars. In many countries, however, it may not be flying in the sky legitimacy.

Wherever in the world you get a “free-wifi …!

Wherever in the world you get a “free-wife …!
” “Outer net” The name is unknown to everyone, but in a few days this will be named will be  lips. Are you surprised? Free WiFi and that any part of the world. How is that possible?
Well, maybe not included in the name of science books is impossible. Be sure at least.
Before going to the point a little story stayed
How? Take a trip with friends and went to the Suburbans. Suddenly found that there was “Uncle Dam” in the interest of the DSLR cameras took his picture. I forgot to bring the modem back to the camp and found on a laptop, this time? This mummy picture will be uploaded to Facebook, then what?
Just Chill No worry, there is ” Outer net,” If it is not in WiFi modem connections there.
” Outer net,” How does it work? –

This is a device that lets you connect directly to satellite Internet service. No matter whether you are part of the world. Outer net, keep the diameter of the Internet and not a dealer.
It’s basically “The modem + router” Advanced Edition can automatically connect to a satellite. Interestingly, it does not need to run any of the charges using it on your mobile and you can take charge.? Because solar panels are fitted on the device, which will be charged to your mobile phone easily.
Outer net connections currently available in many European countries. Explorers think that if they can arrange an adequate amount of funds since the 015 Free Wi-Fi Internet service will be able to hole over the world. Each a ” Outer net,” Users every day until max 00 MB of free data usage is always
Outer net, authorities said, they so start-up capital of the company is limited. However, the more money they are going to try to can be collected.
Once adequate funding when the whole world as well, even several times greater than it is now and will be with 4G speed data access.
In fact, after learning the news personally excited too. I hope the Least Developed rapidly in our country will come to their activities. Better aspect of the project, as currently their attention to the country. Because Asia is relatively Least and the availability of the Internet.

Quantum Computers

Physics of quantum mechanics, quantum computer is based on the particular computer. Absolute temperature [0 K] are the special feature of the substance, use the features of the quantum computer is made. The behavior of atomic scale particles do not match with our known physics. For example, if an object is from the top down to the bottom, but not the atomic scale. Something strange behavior. Atomic scale particles / objects in the physics of quantum mechanics is the branch of science.

The computer is usually a bit of 0 or 1. But the special computer, a quantum computer is the bit 0 or 1 or 0 and 1 at the same time can be. The system is a bit of a new type of quantum bits, or QuBit. This system is very powerful. It takes a number of 8-bit computer to save [from any of a number 0-256. ].
But QuBit can save all numbers from 0 to 56. For example:
10 cubits can save 1024 numbers.
11 cubits can save 2048 numbers.
12 cubits can save 4096 numbers. That is double the number of a previous cubits behalf to save. 1267650600228229401496703205376 digits that can save only 100 cubits [one nonillion, 267 octillion, 650 septillion, 600 sextillion, 228 quintillion, 229 quadrillion, 401 trillion, 496 billion, 703 million, 205 thousand, 376 digits]. It takes a number of common 8-bit computer where to save. Only 1 out of 100 bit number can be saved.

The place is a lot of data to work with, a lot of the processes that are running, there are a lot of slow computer. There can be done much faster with quantum computer
The problem is that quantum computers are common in the environment does not work. The computer based on quantum mechanics. When the atoms are fixed, then they are a powerful feature of quantum mechanics. One way to be able to position it in two places. The origin of these features without the use of computer quantum. It works the absolute temperature. A temperature of -273.15 degrees Celsius or nearby.

When the atoms are completely fixed. And the fridge is enough to make such expensive. And it does not stop and people, has made. D-Wave Systems has created a lab. Google and NASA is now the Google Quantum A.I. The Artificial Intelligence Lab, and continues to work with the quantum computer.
Theory seemed to know how to read these things. It was great to be able to see. When I see, when I can work, I’m thinking

Eagle drones to prevent?

Drone technology available in the developed countries has led to the unnecessary trouble immediately. The private sector, including drone aircraft landing due to a disturbance is behind the authorities concerned.
Dutch police have chosen to do so because of a new system. The eagle has decided to deal with the problem with the drone. The US media reported on CNN.

According to the report, “guard from above, a Dutch company called ringleader of the plan. Their plan is available in Europe, birds of prey, bald head through eagle keep away unwanted drones.
The company’s co-founder Ben de keijara, “said one of the two features is its speed and strength of a bird hunter. There are a lot of sophisticated methods can be used to solve problems naive. ”
Before that, only the month of October last year, Dutch police had identified more than a hundred drones, flying dangerously through the main airport in the neighborhood.
At the beginning of the drone with tracking technology to handle a lot of thought, but comparatively cost-effective and successful solution through the eagle seems to be more of a chance of being a guard from above
Environmentalists, however, this method can see some errors. Propeller-driven drones to seize the risk of going from hunter eagle.
However, the Dutch police, the judge everything they want to examine a few more months.

China is building the most Modern Super Computer

China is planning to build a new supercomputer, the Tianhe-1 supercomputer of today’s most familiar one thousand times more powerful than you. After two years of preparation, is expected at the end of the computer is the computer world give birth to a new generation. According to the online edition of the Indian news channel NDTV news from a report.

National Super Computer Center in Tianjin, China, 017, or 2018 will open in a new kind of computer. Such a computer is able to perform billions of calculations per second is called ‘Exascale’ computer. Meng Jinamphi said the head of information at the application center.
Exascale future supercomputer and powerful computer system is being called one of the biggest in the history of computer engineering is considered a success.
010 Tianhe-1 is recognized as the world’s fastest computer. Tianhe-2 took the throne in 2013, he is still the world’s most used Tianhe-1 supercomputer.
Super computer contemporary computer scientists have taken a variety of applications as a new challenge. The Meng said, oil exploration data management, animation and video effects, such as the creation of biomedical data processing and high-capacity work can be completed successfully by the Tianhe-1, so the performance is increasing day by day.
The computer Tianhe-1 a day and nearly one thousand 400 major works completed delivery of nearly one thousand users.

Analog systems and digital systems.

Digital: digits (Digital) sound is coming from digital (Digital). Digital numbers means. It is computed by isolated. This topics computers and electronic devices that are used in the normal or usual number of binary information is converted binary numbers. Digital is a digital system that we understand the value of which is a separate information technology. Now you will understand when speaking with the analog. The system consists of continuous quality analog system. Until now I did not mean anything to you. Now let’s try a little bit. Just think of the difference analog and digital can understand easily.
Please remember that there is a pipe in your hand, which is associated with a call or tape. As a result, you have left the tape out of water pipes through the mouth. Now, the speed seems to have enough water, and the water pipe coming out constantly. As the water continues to be in continuous or analog systems. Now, once you close the open mouth. If you see one of the bars out of the water and did not come out again. And that’s the down or digital systems.
You understand what this example of digital and analog. To learn more about digital and analog, so try to come up. Build a wall there. Attributes which reveals the time. And watch your hands, which is a number that expresses the time. Now you can compare a bit. During the same clock. But there is a little problem with the time shown.
Digital watch show you a fraction of the time? Please remember that your hand has a digital clock. The clock is now 10 for 10 minutes 10 seconds. This have an analog clock on the wall at the same time. After a second hand digital watch 10 hours 10 minutes 11 seconds. Float no the middle period, but could not show a digital clock. But for the moment, the value of the analog clock. And after a certain time is equal to a digital system.

What is cloud computing? Learn more about Cloud computing

My whole belief somewhere that you heard about cloud computing. I remember hearing about cloud computing, but of course you have accumulated a lot of questions. In fact, it may be wise or computer clouds, and how? Why should I use Cloud Computing? Etc. Let me know everything’s in one breath.

The reason for why it’s named Cloud computing:

On hearing the name of the question might arise that why the name was the same. Some think that there is no need to look at or above the clouds in the sky, there is no computer. Clear sky, and the rain has become a possibility, and not to any computer and not wait around in the sky to the ground when the computer will be opened, and you will take home. Cloud Why was the name of this computer? If you think of the structure of the cloud to cloud, then we know that the cause of the water molecules are combined. And when it rains from the clouds, and it is expanding around. After the rain, but do not specify a place. The cloud changed its position, and rain is everywhere. Now the formation of the cloud and the cloud computer, and a lot of work, and almost the same. See cloud computer incorporating thousands of computers are made. And it can be accessed from the earth wherever you wish. Your computer is not on the table that you can use it only to a certain place. This technology is based on the concept of the soil agents Cloud computing has been named. Now’s the perfect way to some practical examples of cloud computing let’s try to clear.
Cloud computing’s real example

Please remember that there is a computer in your home. And you’ve been on your computer with all types of normal operations, such as some files you create or store any data that you need to take a high standard of work as you want to play games or video, or a lot of data to render Store wants to do. So this works but you can’t comfortably with a normal computer. And if you want to upgrade your computer to be done, and it could cost a lot of money. But how about if I tell? It was too high to very low-cost computer rental. And so you can do all of the advantages of the high quality of the computing devices from your computer or any computer can control the hired.
Yes friends, this is cloud computing. This is a virtual computer. Parts of the computer, but you will not see it from anywhere and from any computing devices that can be used as a remote control. Where you will be able to do the configuration work and all you can connect to the Internet via high standard. You can save thousands of data. And all things which can have a computer at your desk while you are out. You just need a good internet connection to full speed.
Many people think that the only data stored in the cloud computing. One such drive, Google Drive, or we drop box to store the data. In fact, cloud computing is not the only thing that saved data are a real computer, as it can be used. And as you will be able to configure.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

I worked for a company, one of the officers. They are also a variety of data and use it later. Now, if the company tries to manually set up the company to a specific server. It costs a lot to go after. But if the company is a cloud from the cloud computer rental company, he will be able to easily store all the data. And they will also be able to use the software works. And it will cost less. There’s another issue here. Cloud computing is the desire to apagresana. Please remember that the company had increased more than 500 officers. The work than ever before and can be increased and more space to store more data will be needed. Actually, the way the computer will need it more than you want to or need to upgrade your system. But in the case of cloud computing can be done easily. Here you will be able grow as the RAM or CPU CORE or STORAGE.

What are the benefits of cloud computing, then we could see?

  • Cloud computing services can be obtained from anywhere in the world.
  • Cloud computing can be done through the many high standard. And all the necessary software can be used to buy with the money that maybe you could have been different.
  • Data can be saved together. The data will not be lost or damaged, and never will be. Cloud Computing Data Center has a lot of company. You do not have to worry about your data so that criteria.
  • The need to be upgraded.
  • Cloud computing services are much lower compared to the cost of construction. You can purchase this service on different terms to suit your needs. 1 month or 6 months or 1 year, or it could be a lifetime.
  • Almost all types of computing devices can be controlled by a cloud computing service. Suppose you have a project with your home computer via cloud computing was, and then you go to the office on the street is that you can do from your tablet or phone. Arriving at the office and the office of the computer you connect to cloud computing that can work at the office.


I hope that cloud computing is, how it can be used and use of the facilities of your mind by now have been able to answer all the questions. Having your computer to a high standard of quality work is required. You’ll need only a good Internet connection and you can do all kinds of your cloud computing.
Thanks for being with us.

Computer processors i3, i5, i7 Learn the story of – what to buy?

When we think of buying a new laptop or desktop, comes to mind when speaking of the computer processor. The processor will be any better. Do not Core i3 Core i5 Core i7? However, I hope that this post will get answers to all your questions today. When we buy a laptop or desktop, or go buy more when we see different processors. For example, i3, i5, i7. But it’s not just. Generation of different things here and there. For example: 4th or 5th generation. So you understand to discuss a series of issues and needs. If you do not go all confused. Let’s start then.

Description of the generation of computer processors:

The first generation of computer processors to talk about. Every year a new generation of Intel released. Now the question is what is that thing in this generation? Generation in fact, the Intel processor that produces every year about how to improve his production technique and how small. I try to convince us that it is more clear. Target in a general processor and billions of tiny transistor (Transistor) is fitted. Every year, each of the new generation of Intel processors, this transistor is so small that made them published. The more small computer processor of the transistor to be completed faster speeds will be higher, the higher will be efficient and will use less power.
The modern computer is the processor of the transistor size of 14 Nano meters. A few years ago, it was 20 Nano Meters and 28 Nano Meters was several years ago, before the 100, 150, etc. were. You can see the size of the transistor is slowly decreasing in recent years funneled today at 14 Nano Meters. Now if you ask me, that is not the 4th Generation 5th Generation 6th Do? There is no doubt that by the modern generation of processors will be just increasingly advanced processors. For which the latest generation of processors will be the smallest transistor. And as much as I mentioned earlier, the smallest transistor to be completed faster speeds will be higher, the higher will be efficient and will use less power. In order to get the maximum performance of the latest generation of processors will be able to purchase there is no doubt.

Computer processors i3, i5, i7

General consumer market has been divided into three Intel processors. They are: Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, and Intel Core i7. The Intel Core i3 processor is that it is a primary processor. That has its own processor such as Pentium or Celeron, the processor will not talk about here.
However, the Intel Core i3 processor to tell you, then, you will receive a Dual Core processor. Buy it for your laptop or desktop for you. This will enable you Hyper-threading. As a result, you will be using your laptop or desktop Operating System on the Operating System of your Quad Core i3 processor will be used as the absence of Hyper Threading enabled. And you can enjoy better performance. Moreover, the Intel Core i3 processor market will see a lot of models. For example, 4130, 4220, etc. What this model? Now, a different model of the processor can be found in the separate Clock speed. This means that the frequency of the processor, remember or 2.1, 2.3 or 2.9, the frequency change occurs with a change of model. The processor’s model, in addition to the frequency of the selection, we say there is another part of the cache memory. The amount of cache memory is very short. 3 MB of cache memory of a processor is a processor’s cache memory that is 6 MB. So what is the cache memory? I’m not talking here today about the cache memory, cache memory, but soon I hope to write a post. However, remember that the cache memory itself more, better and better.
Now, let’s talk about the Intel Core i5 processor. Laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor that is found in the desktop processor with Dual Core and found that is the Quad Core. However, if you talk to the desktop does not have Hyper-threading enabled, but also Hyper-threading is enabled on the laptop. That is the core of your processor as the core of the laptop Operating System 4 will be able to view and use. Now that the Intel Core i3 processor is better than it, and it will get you more speed and more cache memory and an Intel Core i3 processor’s performance also will get more.
Intel Core i7 processor is the processor in market which is best for all users. It is available in three ways. Dual Core laptop is common, such as improved quality laptop, MacBook or laptop Alien Wire series Quad-Core and Quad-Core or Octa-Core Desktop is working. Hyper-threading is enabled on the processor. Core Operating System in order to see doubled, and as she works. Most Intel Core i7 processor, cache memory is found. You can get memory cache up to 8 MB. More cache memory that I have mentioned before, the more the better.

Computer processor, i3, i5, i7, when and which do you use?

If you are a normal user, for example, you want to use the Internet or Microsoft Office’s work, or want to play games with light Movies, Intel Core i3 processor, if you want to enjoy the music would be good for you. You don’t need to buy Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7.
Now, if you’re the middle-sized users. For example, if you have photo editing or do some multi-task, Intel Core i5 processor will be good for you. Moreover, just like the name of the processor will refrain from buying. You will see the model of processor time of purchase, you will see the generation, monitoring, etc. then the processor cache memory will decide to choose.
Before you put that many advanced Intel Core i7 processor if the user does not do any work. If you want to render high-quality video or 3D rendering or high-quality gaming to want to think, you just need to go to the computer processor in the Intel Core i7.

The way you can recognize Generation of Computer Processors:

Since the model of processor generation of computer processors can be identified. It is important to know about generation of processor when you will buy a processor. Please remember that a processor Intel Core i7 4770’s model and another model of processor Intel Core i7 5770. Here first processor is 4th Generation and second one is 5th Generation. Note the number of the generation that will see the number of model numbers. Thus, you can easily recognize generation of computer processors.


So, this was the topic of today. We hope you were able to convince accomplish. From now on, when you go to the market to buy your laptop or desktop or buy for your friends, they hope to be able to take the right decision. And I hope your work will get very good results.
Thank you so much for being with us.

Departing Smart TV Skype

Smart TV is going to shut down their services to Microsoft-owned Skype video calling app.

According to the company, customers, large screen video calls, smart TV, mobile phone or tab to override more comfortable. And this is why they are taking such steps. In this context Skype’s support page called “We want to make sure that we deliver the best experience possible to users on demand platforms the importance of giving answers, and this is why we have the basic functions of Skype for TV as long as possible to continue to support our efforts to focus on other cases decided to increase. “
This service will be launched in June this year, the BBC said. The Smart TV manufacturers are wholly this service will depend on whether or not to keep. They want to do away with it, if it is not supported will leave the service on their device.
Intense competition in the sector is being fought with Skype video calling app. Phones and tablets to increase their attention at a time when the company decided.
Facebook Messenger is currently on the market, and Apple’s popular phase time. In addition, the Chinese smartphone maker Siyaomi their own video calling service has launched a video call, Mr.
From June this year, and not only to their own Smart TV, Skype announced the South Korean electronics maker Samsung products.