10 keywords from Google Search!

The name of the world’s most widely used search engine Google, the information may not have anything new to anyone. Numerous different languages ​​are constantly searching the search engines work. However, there are some words or sentences, the strange behavior simply by typing in a search at Google!
This is strange, but it is not technically an error! Google programmers have created them merely for fun. However, these keywords are behind some occasion or event.
The occasion was a surprise or entertain users search keywords funny! These are the formal name. These keywords are called from Google as “Easter Egg!
In addition to the Easter egg from the first page of Google’s search can be recovered quite interesting and necessary work. The British daily The Guardian, let’s see something from Easter eggs funny name keywords:

1. Do a Barrel roll / z or r twice
Google eggs of the oldest Easter. ‘Do a Barrel roll’ or ‘z or r twice’ search without entering the search results page can be reached at 360-degree turn in its place! Both-sides around the back of the search results page, there are some interesting reasons.
Nintendor ‘Star Fox’ games are played, they can easily be the reason. Gamers Z or R twice, pressing the button ‘Fox’ had to turn side-side.

2. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
Starwars familiar to fans of a sentence! Long before the movie began to float in space at the beginning of each starwaes distant constellation epic! Imagine, in this limitless world of Internet search results you would float like a starwars prologera!
He will be doing a Google search box in the upper-wrote the sentence.

3. <Blink>
Search box general search results when entering the search results will come as a wink. Just have a little difference at this search. But it can be stopped repeatedly blink word!

4. Google in 1998
Google saw the light in the middle on 1998. Then scrub with a lot of today’s Google-researched. What was, however, just the beginning of the search engine at that time? If you ever feel like a curiosity, but a quick search on Google ‘Google in 1998’. With Google you will come up with in 1998, Google’s homepage!

5. Zerg rush
When typing in a search engine results page will serve two words in English, small ‘O’ letters! And one by one, they will have to destroy all your search results. However, if you want you can save your valuable search results. Repeatedly clicking with the mouse cursor on an end to the occupation and be able to ‘O’ forces.

6. Atari breakout
‘Atari breakout’ Google image search by typing! You can start with the “Brick Breaker” lagatara one game. The search results will be the main goal is to destroy all the images!

7. Flip a coin
Ambivalent suddenly fell into a decision, without first thought is not to be resolved. You do not have to toss a coin, but hand! Do not worry, Google will do this for you. Flip a coin toss with the hassle of typing in a search, the search results can be resolved.

8. Roll a die
Google is like a coin overcome the problem of sixes. If you lose any of the six needed from ludu Google may appear as a savior.

9. Askew
The keyword search on the right side of the page will recline! Search results will show that with a little muddy.

10. Google’s Special Language
Many of the world through the medium of Google search can be. However, the common language is also connected to Google peculiar language. In this example, ‘Google hackers’, ‘Pirate Google’ or ‘Google cleangone’. For example, if the URL in your browser https://www.google.com/?hl=xx-klingon cleangone in Google’s search results are displayed! And those who think the language of which country, keeping them informed, it is a fictional language used in the popular movie startrakers!

Save your Favorite Smartphone Hackers from the 6 tips!

You must use a smartphone? Do you know what your favorite smartphone has a little bit of carelessness can be hacked and all your valuable personal information into the hands of unscrupulous people can be.

So that this situation does not get you to read and that’s why these tips today-
1. Keep up to date on all of the software used, when that update will come out with.
2. Please backup all the necessary information. For example, phone book, messages, gallery, and so on.
3. Do not download apps from anywhere o’clock today, we have a common problem is that many sites will offer a paid app free to you. Greed is something that is really difficult to handle. Stay away if you want a good, otherwise good test before you download it.
4. Tools password or use the Gallery app including all sensitive.
5. Use anti-virus software is good quality, free Avast it feels good to me and your too.
6. Before you can log in there own identity on the web, e-mail ID, Facebook, Twitter ID to log in before you can take a look at a well.
Overall, try to stay safe. Free Wi-Fi Connection also offers some locations, however, if you will see it and buy Secure.