To be a programmer, you need to follow the 10 steps!

How many of them are worried about people who want to be a programmer to do.
For this post.
Step 1:
Five clear idea about the basic things should be variable, if-else, array, for loop and function. Is a programming language to learn more. PHP, Python, Java, C ++, JavaScript, C # or any other one.

Step II:
During the program, it should be kept to a variety of data structures in order to understand some of the data (data structure) to learn. In the hash table (hash table) or a dictionary to learn the course. Stack and Queue will then take some of the ideas. Also linked list, Tree dwelling on the can.
Step 3:
No one particular element in an array is called finding the search. Minimum linear search and binary search will practice writing the code manually.
Elements of an array of small to large or from large to small sort of system programming languages ​​are sorting. You should be able to manually programming at least bubble sort. As other sorting, merge sort, selection sort, insertion sort himself in order to be able to go ahead.
Step 4:
What is a software application database is used to store data in the long term. Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases are popular among dissolve. Any one of these two is how to keep the data, it will know to bring out. If you want to learn a little more, some school students of different class name, subject, the number of tests, including a database for storing all the information that you need to learn what the table.
Step 5:
Knowledge of programming concepts. In short, what is the most important of them is the Object Oriented Programming OOP is called. OOP program to recycle a variety of real world objects or object is thought to be. Three main part of OOP Inheritance, Encapsulation and Polymorphism of the idea should be clear.
Step 6:

You must manually programming. If you need a website with a Google search and saw the type of programming will still manually. The program will be small to begin with. For example, the length of the rectangle, the width of the area to find out who the program. However, the programmer should be aware of ways to find out if you Fibonacci series.
Step 7:
Lyanguyejerai all popular programming packages / libraries / frameworks there. You will find at least one good. However, the idea will take a few more slowly. Programming software or a text editor to use. For example, Notepad ++, eclipse, visual studio, web storm, sublime text, and so on. Any one of them would have to be used.
Step 8:
If you have more than one programmer working on a large software programs, then no one kodagula version control or source control software is saved. Among the most popular source control software –git-hub. If the programmer git-hub account and there should be some code for its own project.
Step 9:
Google to resolve any problems you have skills. Those who want to follow their lead. Tutorials hours will be at the fix problem. Others on stack overflow will know the answer to solve the problem using. If one of the better online programming contest or try to solve problem.
Step 10:
If you want to take a self-made entrepreneur from the programmer must have. Must have ever wanted to try something new. You must have the desire to do anything manually.